La mère de Corey Hart est décédée

La mère de Corey Hart est décédée.

Quelle tristesse! La maman de Corey Hart, Mina Weber Hart, est décédée le 12 août dernier, de causes inconnues du public. Elle était âgée de 90 ans et laisse dans le deuil ses cinq enfants et ses petits enfants.

Corey Hart a, depuis ce jour noir, transformé sa page Facebook en hommage, en publiant plusieurs images et messages, dont ceux-ci, mis en ligne le jour même:

La mère de Corey Hart est décédée

« I am the last of Mina Weber Hart's five children. At six months pregnant, my mother was diagnosed with a malignant ovarian tumour. She was told by her doctors that the fetus (me) would need to be aborted as surgery was required immediately to remove the cancer. Mina begged the doctors not to abort her baby. They agreed and the ovarian tumour was removed but, miraculously, it did not harm me.

“In Your Soul” among many other songs reflect the profoundly positive life force my mother instilled in me.

´Someone will drag you down And try and knock you under Hey,mama said with her words of wonder. Don’t matter cause ’Cause it’s in your soul´

Ever since I was a young boy, my Mom would recount the story of my birth, telling me that I was “meant to live.” When I began to write songs & sing at age eleven she told me ´this is why god chose me to live´. 

I do not know exactly what this all signifies within the endless possibilities of the universe (if in fact, anything at all) but what I do know is that It created an unconquerable bond between son and mother, a connection unlike any other. 

My mother was the greatest treasure I will ever know. The light of her unconditional love will carry me forward through every step on the roads yet travelled.

I love you my precious Mama. I love you whole, complete & true. Rest in peace my beauty. I´m sorry I did not protect you better from this last storm. »

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Crédit photo: Karine Paradis / Page Facebook officielle de Corey Hart

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