21 Questions for America’s Next Top Model Cycle 21 Keith Carlos – HollywoodPQ exclusive interview

21 Questions à Keith Carlos d'America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 - Entrevue exclusive HollywoodPQ

HollywoodPQ exclusive interview: 21 questions for America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Keith Carlos. 

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 is starting in less than a week! To get you prepared, we met with four of the new male models selected by Tyra's team. Today, we introduce to you, Keith Carlos.


Keith Carlos


26 Years old.


Bridgeport, Connecticut.

What are you looking for in a significant other?

« Loyalty and trust. »

Describe yourself in only three words.

« A.D.D. » (Attention deficit disorder)

Why did you try for America's Next Top Model?

« I watched the show and I believed that the platform and the exposure I would get from the show would be great for my career. And also, there's never been a male to win America's Next Top Model and that's the journey I'm on. »

Who's the best male model of all times?

« There's an handsome guy that goes by the name of Keith Carlos, have you heard of him? (He laughs) My favorite model of all times is Tyson Beckford. »

Who's the best female model of all times?

« Tyra Banks! »

Who's your favorite designer?

« My favorite designer is YSL. » (Yves St-Laurent)

Why do you think you should be America's Next Top Model?

« I believe I should be America's Next Top Model because I have a unique brand of skills that I would love to show the world. And also, modeling has been one of the dreams that I always wanted to conquer and I feel that I can inspire a lot of people through the poetry of fashion and modeling. »

What's a top model worst nightmare? (a) slipping on the runway, b) tear a piece of designer clothing, c) Kelly Cutrone)

« Ouh! That's hard! All of the above. Definitely Kelly Cutrone because she's harsh! »

What part of your body makes you the proudest?

« My penis. I love my penis. Yeah... »

What's the worst preconcieved idea people have about models?

« That we have low IQs or that we are homosexuals. »

What's your secret beauty tip?

« It would be drink a lot of water. It's great for your body, great for your muscles, and great for your skin. It also reduces aging. »

What's the best thing about fashion industry?

« Being able to express yourself in different ways, and doing so through fashion and modeling. »

What's the worst thing about fashion industry?

« The critics... Being judged. »

What's your best quality?

« My mind. I look at things a lot different from other people based of of the way I was brought up. »

What's your worst flaw?

« I have a huge heart. I usually put others before myself and sometimes that sets me back. »

Did you model before America's Next Top Model?

« Yeah, I was a role model. Most recently I became a real model, you know, a top model. »

Tell us something about you that might surprise people.

« There is something I would like to say, but I would like everyone to tune in on August 18th to hear it. »

We want to thank Keith for the time he invested in this interview. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and like him on Facebook. Also, don't forget to tune in on August 18th for the America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 premiere.

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Photos: Keith Carlos Instagram account / CW