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HollywoodPQ exclusive interview: 21 questions for America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 Denzel Wells. 

America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 is starting in less than a week! To get you prepared, we met with four of the new male models selected by Tyra's team. Today, we introduce to you, Denzel Wells.


Denzel Wells


24 Years old.


Houston, Texas.

Single or in a relationship?


What are you looking for in a significant other?

« Wow, ok! I guess it would be ambition, drive, determination and intelligence. »

Describe yourself in only three words.

« Ouh! Driven, ambitious and intelligent. »

Why did you try for America's Next Top Model?

« Simply because I had a really good friend of mine who told me that I wasn't at the caliber that I could be. He suggested that I would go and try for it. »

Who's the best male model of all times?

« Man, that's a tough one. It would be Tyson Beckford. »

Who's the best female model of all times?

« I think it would be a really bad idea to not name Tyra Banks. Tyra of course. »

Who's your favorite designer?

« Honestly, I really don't have one. I like all types of fashion and tie myself to one designer, I can't do it. (...) Suit and tie. I'm a gentleman through and through. »

Why do you think you should be America's Next Top Model?

« Because I would be the best to represent the title. I mean, the look, the personnality, the charisma, anything that embodies a person that should hold that title, you're talking to. »

What's a top model worst nightmare? (a) slipping on the runway, b) tear a piece of designer clothing, c) Kelly Cutrone)

(He laughs) Oh! Shit! Kelly Cutrone!

What part of your body makes you the proudest?

« My brain, honestly. »

21 Questions à Denzel Wells d'America's Next Top Model Cycle 21

What's the worst preconcieved idea people have about models?

« That's a tough one! I would say, we're superficial and unfortunately, there are some models out there who have made that all true. We're not very intelligent. We have made our way and our fame, and I guess our fortune, solely based on our looks, and that's not the case. »

What's your secret beauty tip?

« Let's see... You smile... Maintain the smile. It's probably the most important. Secondly would probably be, skin health. If you have those two, you're a force to be reckoned with. »

What's the best thing about fashion industry?

« Well for me, being that I'm male, it would be being backstage during the fashion shows. That's just a guy's dream. The best part, for me, would be doing a fashion show every week or being the center of attention. I mean, it sounds self-centered, but I mean we're models. »

What's the worst thing about fashion industry?

« It's so cut-throat! There this good friend of mine, Matt Cook, he's way more established than me, but at the end of the day, he still tries to help me progress throughout my career and that is a really rare quality to find in most models. Everybody is kind of out for themselves, really don't care if the other ones succeed. »

What's your best quality?

« My personnality. »

What's your worst flaw?

« I am a perfectionnist. I try to make everything perfect and I try to control every situation the best I can. I really need to work on that one. »

Did you model before America's Next Top Model?

« It kind of happened at the same time. »

Tell us something about you that might surprise people.

« Ouh! I have a fake tooth, but you can't tell so it's good! »

We want to thank Denzel for the time he invested in this. You can follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and like him on Facebook. Also, don't forget to tune in on August 18th for the America's Next Top Model Cycle 21 premiere.

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Photos: Denzel Wells officiel Facebook page / CW

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