Jake Gyllenhaal altercation in Montréal restaurant– EXCLUSIVE HollywoodPQ!

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As we announced earlier, Jake Gyllenhaal might have been involved in an altercation over the weekend, while he was at the restaurant Garde-Manger, in the Old Montreal.

We had the chance to obtain an exclusive interview with the friend of Jesus Martinez (writer of the blog Drunkenstepfather.com), who was there at the moment of the altercation, and who broke the story on his website earlier this week. The friend of the blogger, who wants to stay anonymous, shared her version of the story with us and answered a couple of our questions.

HollywoodPQ: Could you tell us what happened exactly?

Friend: My friend Jesus Martinez (Drunkenstepfather) and I were having drinks at Garde-Manger. There was only a few clients, it was very low-key, just a calm evening. Then, Jake Gyllenhaal arrived with a couple of his pals. He had so many bottles at his table, and he was very loud, dancing on his seat and laughing with his friends. As if he was putting on a show, acting out more than everyone would ask for. It really stood out in the calm of the restaurant. My friend (Jesus Martinez) went to Jake and told him something. He suddenly got up and started screaming, waving his arms around, telling my friend to leave. The staff of the restaurant then escorted him outside. I got up and went to Jake to tell him to calm down. All of a sudden, he started screaming, two inches away from my face: "Who are you? Who do you think you are to tell me to calm down?" and then pushing me. I fell on a table and started crying… After all, i just wanted to tell him to calm down! One of his friends took me apart, saying than it wasn’t a good idea to tell him this. I left right after, as the staff was asking me to leave anyway.

HollywoodPQ: How do you feel now?

Friend: Well, it was just a bad experience…

HollywoodPQ: Do you regret having talked to him?

Friend: No. I think if an actor goes out in a public place, he has to expect having people telling him things. It’s not as if he’s on a movie set, where everyone who works for him are being nice.

HollywoodPQ: Are you going to press charges?

Friend: No. For the same reasons that I want to stay anonymous. It’s a bad memory, but I have a clean name and I want it to stay that way.

HollywoodPQ: On the blog Drunkenstepfather, the lawyers of Jake Gyllenhaal asked for all posts about the incident to be taken down. Also, the actor’s friends and the restaurant’s staff deny what happened. What do you think about that?

Friend: Of course they’re going to deny! It’s frustrating that we don’t have pictures. It all happened very fast. For those who saying that this story is a publicity stunt, i don’t see how that would be the case… My friend blogs on what he sees. If he sees someone fall in the street, he will write about it. Same thing goes for an actor throwing a fit in a restaurant.

HollywoodPQ: Thank you very much for your time. Out of curiosity, were you a fan of Jake Gyllenhaal before this incident?

Friend: Well, i saw a couple of his movies… He looks like a nice guy, so i kinda get why people would be shocked about the incident. But it really happened!
What a story! Well, let’s say that if the girl wasn’t a fan of the actor before, there is certainly no way to convince her to become one now!

Crédit photo: Flynet