Le sud le fait mieux!

Désolé les ami(e)s, mais l’anglais s’impose…

«I lost my partna and my daughter in the same year
Somehow I rise above my problems and remain here
Yeah and I hope the picture painted clear
If ya heart filled with faith then ya cant fear
Wonder how I face years and im still chillen
Easy,let go and let god deal wit it

Et le refrain…MALADE!!

«I aint dead (naw)
I aint done (naw)
I aint scared (of what!)
I aint run ( from who!)
but still I stand (yeah)
no matterr what people here i am… (Yeah)
no matter what remember
I aint break (neva)
I aint fold (neva)
They hate me mo’ ( so!)
Yeah I know… (haha)
Here I go (yeah)

No matter what shawty here I go (hah)
No matter what shawty

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